Monday, March 26, 2018

Seventh Quarter - The End Is Near

This quarter, I must say, was quite frustrating.
Though I did get some stuff done that I like, I had to deal with some, well, mostly one, annoying person who made it very difficult to collaborate. Needless to say, I will not share that project here.
So let's start with a couple of project I particularly enjoyed working on in my Portfolio Development class, which was actually Award Submission class.
First, the Hotel Indigo project, where you were supposed to choose a hotel location and create images - either photographs or illustrations - that highlight the neighborhood of that location. I chose the Lijiang, China location and focused on a dominant minority culture there, the Naxi. This is the only culture that has a living pictogram language. And its art is influenced by Tibetan styles. So this is what I made:

These are three of the statues found in the Garden of the Gods near Lijiang

The messages on the statues invite hotel guests to drink tea (in the tea ceremony room), enjoy the local food, as well as the wonderful sights
The illustrations in context

I also worked on a promotional for Morrissey next to latest album World Peace Is None Of Your Business (his latest album only came out after I started working on this): Tarot cards whose back side says pretty much the title of the album, and the fronts are referred to specific songs from the album:

Back side
Kiss Me a Lot

World Peace Is None Of Your Business

The Bullfighter Dies

Next, an animation I made for a milk that is easy to digest by many people who consider themselves lactose intolerant. It is based on a testimonial of one of their customers, who claimed that before a2 Milk, she suffered from bloated belly (and unbuttoned trousers). So my animation tells the story of her trousers' button and his longing for his buttonhole, who is kept far away from him by the bloatedness.

I made another video for a different class, Gaming Concepts, where we had to create a campaign for Xbox One, so we decided to make it into some sort of recruitment game, where Xbox is calling all its gamers to up their cross-platform gaming so that they can "fight" against PlayStation. The campaign culminates in a huge rally where the Xbox leader announces the challenge to PlayStation. Anyway, the video was fun to work on, though very difficult and time-consuming with the music and all.

Finally, had to make a business card and a portrait of myself for the website:

the back of my business card

Well, now I must prepare myself for the last quarter... It's going to be tough!