Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Watercolor Rodents: North American Porcupine

Me: I think I'm going to watercolor rodents next.
Myself: Sounds like a good idea. I mean, you've experimented with drawing feathers, fur should be next.
Me: Right? [searching Wikipedia for "rodents"] Whoa! Porcupines are rodents! I should start with them.
Myself: Why not? It's not like they're the most difficult rodent to paint, with all the quills, or spines, or whatever... [sighs]


Hanna Laasberg said...

It's so great, Dorit, that you continue with your watercoloured animal series. Birds were adorable, and I believe your rodents would be also. As far as I've seen now, I am right. :)

Dorit said...

Thank you, Hanna! That's so sweet.