Thursday, June 29, 2017

Skill Building

At my critique, one of the panel members (who is a great illustrator herself) suggested I look into what other illustrators are doing, and learn from them.
So I found this illustrator, Chris Riddell, and decided to copy a beautiful illustration of his, just so I can see what he does and how he does it. Looking is not enough for me, I need to actually do it in order to really "see" it. So after copying that illustration (you can see the copy below), I made this one:

 I call her "Unicorn Rider". Very original.

Here's my Chris Riddel fanart:
I still have ways to go, but it's a start.


Hanna Laasberg said...

It's nice to see you drawing people, Dorit, because it doesn't happen so often. And your "Unicorn Rider" is really lovely. Have you ever thought about trying to paint people with watercolours? I would love to see the result.

Dorit said...

Right, drawing people is not my forte. But I actually did think of painting people with watercolors, after watching this very nice tutorial: but instead I used the technique to draw the jerboa with multiple colors :) It's funny, when I started drawing many years ago, I drew lots of people, because I learned from a book about how to draw portraits. But then I moved on to animals, and my people-drawing skills got completely neglected. Now I need to sharpen them again.

Hanna Laasberg said...

I prefer animals of course, because they are far more adorable, but it‘s always interesting to see something different (though you already do lot more different things than me).

I should, on the contrary, draw the animals more. I draw people so much only because I find it easier. And maybe you have noticed, that I draw only girls and women. Men are also difficult for me. :D

Dorit said...

Funny. That's what I noticed drawing all these girls (well, 3 so far)- I keep drawing pretty little girls, because they're easier. Why don't we give ourselves a challenge to draw one old man? :)