Friday, September 15, 2017

End of Fifth Quarter

This quarter was so much fun! I really enjoyed all my teachers and learned a bunch. I feel like I'm finally getting what design is. Especially with type, which is where I've been struggling.

First, my favorite project from Content Creation class, Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster: a campaign for a fictional brand (from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) that is used to promote Barnes & Noble's NOOK and latest, 40th anniversary edition of the book. The drink, though alcoholic in the book, is made out of non-alcoholic ingredients and can be purchased at the Barnes & Noble's Starbucks stores in either cans or as Gargle Blasterccino.

The Beverage

The Starbucks poster
The poster in its environment

The new book cover

The Gargle Blaster ad on Barnes & Noble's webpage

What you get when you click on the ad

Next project is the one for Systems Design, where I revisited a project from first quarter, which not many people do... It is very different now, though: Raju's Tree. This is a branding system for a Disney Adventureland drop-tower ride. But it's more than just a ride, it's a whole experience that aims to empower tween girls to try new things and find new capabilities within themselves.

Cut-paper ride poster, this time in color and done digitally

t-shirt you can get at the gift shop

Ride webpage on Disney's website

Second photo in the slideshow on the webpage

When you scroll down you get the details

A pamphlet you get at the entrance to the ride

with a map of activities while you wait

more merch - learn to play the flute

Bullet-journal type book you can also get at the gift shop - front cover

One of the inside spreads

For Type 3 we had to create a campaign to promote some underrepresented/misrepresented group of our choice. I chose Down syndrome, particularly addressing parents (or parents-to-be) to children who have just been diagnosed with the syndrome. The purpose of the campaign is to show these parents the brighter sides of having a child with Down syndrome, as explained by families with Down syndrome members.


Finally, in Video Storytelling I learned how to create and edit videos in Premier Pro, which is very useful. Here's a link to a playlist of some of the videos I created:

I'm not all that pleased with the videos and animations, but I see it as a learning process. One cannot create great things without starting with crappy ones.

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