Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Watercolor Birds #45: Anhinga

Anhinga. What a wonderful name. This bird is found mostly in South and Central America, but it does summer in some of the southern US coasts, as well as stays year-round in Florida. So when I was in Florida, I might have seen and mistaken in for a cormorant. Because I had no idea another black water fowl existed! Silly me. Well, now I know. If you can see the beak of the black bird, and it's long and pointy, then it is Anhinga. If it's shorter and rounding downwards at the tip, you've got a cormorant.

Fun fact: This bird is also called Water-Turkey, because of its wide tail (did not have room for it here) and Snake-Bird, because when it swims, only its head and long neck can be seen above water.

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