Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Old Men and Other Stuff

A few months ago Hanna and I decided on a challenge: draw one old man. We were supposed to do it in a week, but instead it took a little longer. Oh well!
Here are my two old men:

The middle one is based on a photo.

Since our challenge, I've been posting all my artwork (which has increased in volume, if not in quality) on Instagram. I try to post something everyday, and you can find it here. Below are some examples, first from the Inktober challenge from October, and then from my made-up Black & White Animals challenge for November:

Also, since that challenge, I moved to New York City. It's a great place to live! I love the fact that pedestrians rule here, and not cars. Although cars do make a lot of noise. I love the fact that I can walk everywhere, and indeed, I spend lots of time walking as my main and preferred commute method. I guess on average I walk at least 10 miles every day. Also, while walking, I can try various eats, which is also a favorite activity of mine :)

Moving to NYC also means changing schools. While I still plan to graduate from Portfolio Center, I do my studies in the final three quarters at the NYC location of Miami Ad School (of which Portfolio Center is part). This school, though focused only on advertising (they only have Art Direction and Copywriting as majors) does offer some neat opportunities, such as submitting art work to a pop-up gallery whose purpose is to promote a certain alcoholic drink. The drink is red, and so the idea is that you can see one image with you naked eye, and a completely different image when you look at the same piece of art with red glasses. Here's the work I submitted, displayed on a wall in that gallery:

My art is on the wall! It's one of my watercolor birds, duplicated 4 times.

And this is through the red glasses, though it's hard to fit the glasses on a tablet's camera lens. It's a photo of my friend's dog.

People were looking at my art!
 Better get back to doing some homework, because later I plan to go and see how the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade balloons get inflated :)


Unknown said...

It's so cool to have your artwork hanging in the wall and people looking it, isn't it?
I love your Inktober pictures, my absolute favourite is the squirrel :).
And I like that you made two opposite old men - one grumpy and other joyful. Sorry it took me so long to finish mine.

Dorit said...

Haha, no worries, Hanna! As you can see, I haven't been very good at posting regularly :)