Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sixth Quarter Round Up

In about 6 months I will be done with school, which is when the scary part starts - finding a job! I hope something will work out. Until then, I will keep working on my portfolio and my work-searching skills.

This quarter was very different from previous ones, mostly because I did not take it in Atlanta, but in the New York school, where they focus more on advertising and less on design.
The main difference, for me, was that I had to work in groups for some of my classes. This wasn't easy, mostly due to time conflicts. And we had to work on campaigns.

For Pop Culture Engineering, we had to work on two campaigns - a different trio-team for each - one for SoundCloud, and the other for Bacardi. We got briefs, did our research, found some insight about our target audience, and developed a campaign based on all that info.

Since SoundCloud likes to emphasize its role in helping people discover new music, and people seek new ways of discovering music that they like, we decided to employ science and developed a campaign tour of a mobile MRI machine and an algorithm that used brain scans to come up with favorite music for each scanned individual. Introducing:


Owners of scanned brains get their playlist digitally, which they can share on SoundCloud, as well order their playlist's vinyl record:
This was rendered by a fellow student, Alessandra D.

Once the tour is over, the idea is that the accumulation of scans and favored music can be again entered into a new algorithm that will help people more accurately find new music they like.

For Bacardi, our goal was to get people excited about music and drinks outside of festival season (apparently, Bacardi has its own music festivals in the summer!). So we launched a campaign that revolves around the disappearance of the Bacardi Bat. Here I will only share the animation I made:

And a poster rendering:

I used a photo I took of a bus stop right outside my apartment building.

For A Brand Called You, we instead had to create a very personal project. After much deliberation and misunderstandings, we all finally decided that I will create a book about my service in the Israeli army.

I decided to create it as a comic strip, because I served in the Gaza Strip. Haha. Also, comic strips are a good medium for the humorous content. In addition to the comic strip, each page contained a background image that was related to the story and some post-hoc thoughts about the events told in the story.
The book is supposed to look like a Manila envelope.
 Some process photos:

Some inside images:

I had two other classes, but one - of them - Head to Head - involves entering competitions, and our projects are not done yet. They will be ready by the end of next quarter. The other - Short Cutz - is for video editing. I prepared 3 anti-littering campaign videos that kind of work on reverse psychology, calling people to litter. However, I still need to work on them, so maybe I will share them at some later time, when I am more pleased with them. Actually, I am quite pleased with them, but I still need to tinker with the music and text animations.
Anyway, that's all for now. I now have just two more days, before my 7th quarter starts, to work on a project I started years ago and is still in progress. It's huge, but it's finally getting somewhere, I hope.