Sunday, December 18, 2016

How To Draw and Paint an Angry Bird

As I mentioned before, I had to photograph 3 to 7 instructional photos as one of my assignments for a class called Smartphonography, where you learn how to take photos with your iPhone. Which, let me tell you, was quite a challenge, especially since I don't really own an iPhone, or any smartphone for that matter.

Anyway, here's  the final product:

And here are the steps:

1) Gather materials, including a reference photo

2) Draw shapes with a pencil

3) Use a pen to emphasize important areas

4) After testing your paint, start applying it in thin layers

5) Keep layering to add depth and color

6) Re-emphasize important areas with a pen

And I know this is not a photography blog, but here are some other photos I took for this class that I'm sort of proud of:

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