Monday, December 19, 2016

Second Quarter Recap

The second quarter came and went. It really was fast! It wasn't quite as hectic as the first one. I had time to sleep and eat - even go to the gym - this time. And I even had time to work on most of the #3yroldscribbles! but it did get busy toward the end. That's when you realize all the things you need to complete (which you couldn't work on before even if you wanted to) and they have to be perfect.
So in addition to my Smartphonography class, which I mentioned in a previous post, I had four other classes. Oh, and by the way, I bound my Look Book using a Japanese 4-hole binding method. SeaLemon's tutorial was very helpful:

For Typography two, besides the cupcake poster, we also had to represent Jorge Luis Borges' story The Library of Babel in two ways: on-the-grid (in the form of a book) and off-the-grid (whichever way we wanted. So here is my book:

 I decided to make it an accordion book, because it is a story about the universe as an endless but finite library.

For the off-the-grid project, I made a hexagonal Jack-in-the-box (hexagons are a big thing in the story):

I made the closure out of Das around paper fasteners

The whole story is printed on the bellows. It's hard to see, but there are some highlights on the sides of the inside of the box
To make this box I used GryphonArt's wonderful tutorials.

Next is Design Thinking, the class where we were required to come up with a problem related to commuting and to find a solution for it. This video, made by one of my teammates, Nakita, will explain everything:

Here's a photo of our products:

Kyle, Peggy, and Chewey
For Motion Media, we delivered two videos. One is a logo animation:

The other one will have to wait, because I need to figure out copyrights-related issues regarding the music I used for it, as well as I would like to work a bit more on the transitions for it.

Finally, for Ideas First, I will only show you my favorite poster (we had to make a bunch of them!). This one was supposed to advertise an imaginary youth camp under Trump administration (think Hitler Youth):

Well, now I'm on a break, and these are my goals for the next couple of weeks:
  1. Upload my cousin's children's book onto Amazon
  2. Improve my Adobe Illustrator skills
  3. Learn some Adobe After Effects so I can make better animations
  4. Finish up the fireplace at school (more about that later)
  5. Watercolor rodents

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