Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Watercolor Birds #14: Field Sparrow

There's a bird that looks like a sparrow and sings a beautiful song, and the song doesn't compare to any of the sparrow songs I've heard on-line. The only one that comes close is this one, which is of a Field Sparrow. Field sparrow populations, according to, are declining due to their difficulty nesting in suburban habitats. I can't think of anywhere more suburban than where I live. Strip mall galore! Yet, I hear these guys all the time. My inability to find an exact match for their song, and the information about their nesting preference, made me doubt my ID skills. But as varied as Field Sparrow song is - and it is extremely varied: every song you listen to is different! - all the songs I've heard have a common pattern: 3 or 4 notes followed by a trill. I think the song I hear here is the most beautiful :)


Hanna Laasberg said...

Do you remember when you commented my picture that my works already seems professional to you and you're bit jealous. You know, Dorit, now it's my turn to be jealous. I love your watercolor birds. They are just adorable! You are so good in this, so talented. :)

Dorit said...

That's very kind of you to say. And I meant every word I said :)