Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Watercolor Birds #18: Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebes are a type of flycatcher, so I learned that today. We heard them while walking in the forest in Northern Georgia, and wondered what they were. Since I didn't get a good glimpse of one, I had to figure that out by song alone, which is always hard to do.

I wanted to make up for yesterday's bird so I found a Phoebe picture with the wing feathers distinct like that, and decided to try and do a better job at defining those feathers. I think I managed, but it did take me longer than I allot for this project. Oh well, I'm doing this to learn, am I not?


Hanna Laasberg said...

What a beautiful bird again! :)

I watch Alphonso Dunn's tutorials hoping that maybe one day I'll be at least half as good as you are. Thank you so much for recommending him! :)

Dorit said...

Thank you! I'm sure you'll be at least as good, if not more, once you get the hang of it :)