Monday, May 2, 2016

Watercolor Birds: Flycatcher

Great crested flycatcher

Boy, do I suck at backgrounds...

This is bird number 7 of my project. The idea is to watercolor a bird every weekday. But I realized that I didn't put a limit to it, which is necessary. Without it, it would be a never-ending project, without a complete product. So I therefore decide that the end would be when I travel away, as it is unlikely I'd get a bird painted on the plane or even have much time to do this when I get there. This gives me 42 more weekdays, which should add up to 49 birds. But 49, though the square of 7, is not a round number. I guess I'll have to draw two birds in one of those days to make it a nice round number of 50. There you go. Fifty watercolor birds it is.

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